For Dena, Food is fun. It is a way to nurture others, to give and share. For Jay, it’s the instant gratification of creating satisfaction that is so unique to food which drew him in. Not a long term investment like writing (or reading) a book, it’s like a live show with an immediate review. The emotive response from someone eating your food and seeing it enjoyed; these feelings are just some of the forces of confluence which led to taking those first steps into the restaurant world together over 20 years ago and still drive their creation today.

Please Wait to be Seated

Indigo Moon was first born as a cheese and wine shop. From fresh creative lunches featuring the highest quality cheeses and paired wines, the restaurant and cuisine has evolved along a natural progression with the chefs’ creativity; exploring and expanding modern american cuisine.

Today Indigo Moon’s, concept includes dinner. 20 years ago, availability of product constrained their menu. Now, by taking advantage of the new techniques, old relationships and local produce they are able to create on a broader scale.  The garden and outdoor dining areas are cultivated and featured to celebrate Jay and Dena’s California born passion of dining alfresco. What started as a kit house built in the 1930s has grown to Indigo Moon, the restaurant, the cafe, the cheese and wine bar, the place they love and love to share with others.

“The best way to describe… the overall atmosphere of the restaurant, [is] like they are having you over for dinner at their house. ” 

– Brian W – California Coast Road Trip ( Yelp Review )

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Located in a historical building with 3 outdoor dining areas on Main Street in beautiful Cambria, California.